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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Massachusetts, United States

Small-Group Cape Cod Land and Sea Day-Trip to Chatham

Small-Group Cape Cod Land and Sea Day-Trip to Chatham - Hyannis, Massachusetts

Duration: 7 hours
Location: Hyannis, Massachusetts

From USD

Explore Cape Cod by land and sea with a 7-hour day trip to Hyannis and Chatham. Climb aboard a comfortable, air-conditioned coach for your small-group tour limited to a maximum of twelve people ... More info ›

Explore Cape Cod by land and sea with a 7-hour day trip to Hyannis and Chatham. Climb aboard a comfortable, air-conditioned coach for your small-group tour limited to a maximum of twelve people. Your fully narrated tour begins with the beauty of Hyannis by sea.  Take a 1-hour cruise around the harbor to view Great Island, Squaw Island, the Kennedy Memorial, Point Gammon Light and the historic Kennedy Compound. Then travel to Chatham, where an exciting day awaits on the elbow of Cape Cod. Visit the Chatham Lighthouse and the US Coast Guard Station.  From there, enjoy the bustle of the Chatham Fish Pier and its playful seals.  Keep a lookout for great white sharks in the water!  Stroll down Main Street, with its unique shops. Tour guides are knowledgeable and committed to outstanding service, make sure to ask your tour guide for a lunch recommendation during your free time. A mid-morning snack and bottled water throughout the day are included.

Begin boarding your comfortable coach outside the Fresh Ketch at 8:45am to being your Cape Code day tour. Offering large windows for viewing the beautiful sights of Cape Cod, you'll see all the sites on your small-group tour. Take advantage of the chance to meet other vacationers visiting from all over the world. Water and snacks are provided and restrooms are available at all stops.  Comfortable walking shoes are recommended (no flip-flops please).

9 - 9:45am:  Tour begins in downtown Hyannis. Pass St. Francis Xavier, the church of the Kennedy family, and the charming artist shacks along the harbor, as you are driven to the first stop, the Kennedy Memorial.

9:45 - 11am:  Hyannis Harbor Cruise. See the notable sights as you travel the harbor, including the historic Kennedy Compound, Point Gammon Light, and Squaw Island.

11am - 12pm:  Head to Chatham. Hear highlights about the interesting landmarks and entertaining folklore from your guide, and plan what to do once you will arrive in Chatham.

12pm - 12:30pm: No visit to Cape Cod would be complete without a lighthouse.  View the beautiful Chatham Lighthouse and the United States Coast Guard Station.  Enjoy the beauty of this area including its charming homes, historic monuments, and the beach where the rescue boat was launched to save the Pendleton. The movie The Finest Hours was filmed at this location, chronicling this daring rescue.

12:30pm - 1pm:  Next experience the sights and sounds of the Chatham Fish Pier. See local fisherman and their daily catch, and watch the seals play. Perhaps even glimpse the occasional white shark!

1 - 3pm: Explore on foot. There are many options available for lunch. Your guides will be happy to share advice on where to eat. View the Col. Benjamin Godfrey Windmill or walk the Chatham Labyrinth. Stroll down Main Street, with its unique and upscale shops. (Make sure to visit the auction display of Sharks in the Park).  Or instead, visit the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center (7.50 USD additional fee) for a tour and a retelling of the historic distress call received there from the Titanic! Or perhaps, you would prefer seeing the Atwood House Museum (10 USD additional fee), the historical residence of Joseph Atwood, the notable sea captain.

3 - 3:45pm: Return to Hyannis as you rest and reminisce about your amazing day.

PLEASE NOTE:  Traffic conditions can impact return times. Please be aware of this when scheduling dinner reservations or other evening plans.

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